Artist’s statement

My creations are the result of a free-flowing mind seeking to express my many ideas, observations and experiences of life, where an abundance of creative artistic energy stimulates and inspires.

Primarily, I work with sculptures for which a rough sketch serves as the starting point for my reflections on shapes, which are my first source of inspiration. In this process, focus is a crucial component in developing the sculpture which feels authentic and personal. My process involves an interplay between the spontaneous, intuitive touch and careful consideration and intent. I can be moved by a simple combination of structures and shapes, or the relationship between shapes and edges, or the interaction between the pattern and the scale. I think of it as letting things happen and thus the sculpture reveals something new to react to. Each step can change the entire sculpture and establish a new set of challenges. It takes practice and continued efforts to be present in this dialogue and not be carried away by the desire for a quick result or an easy solution. It requires trust in my own, intuitive feelings. It is the abstract elements – colours, shapes, lines and textures – which create the visual sensitivity. With the language of shape, I latch on to my emotions in order to arouse interest and inspire. Through this, I develop my own, intimate organic compositions based on a need to express myself and a deep desire to understand the compositions of shape. The shapes between create an immediate, visual harmony, and make it a special moment in the present.

Life inspires my art. Art is the instrument through which I express my deepest feelings. My art’s ability to convey emotion in the viewer, that was what made me understand the importance art can have when the beholder connects with the communication expressed by an artist.

To be able to create, I feel, is a privilege. And so is having this unique opportunity to inspire deeper conversations and curiosity by using shapes to create a better understanding of art’s significance and the value it holds in our lives.